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We offer personalized and detailed instruction tailored to your specific interests. Delve into the intricacies of Latin dance with hour-long sessions focusing on footwork, partner-work, technique, and timing. Additionally, each lesson includes video recordings for convenient review, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience that caters to your individual dance goals.

(2 Person Max)


Regardless of your skill level, we provide comprehensive instruction to enhance your dancing abilities. Learn intricate footwork techniques, refine your rhythm, and elevate your performance on the dance floor, all customized to your unique needs and goals.


Perfect your lead-and-follow techniques, elevate your communication on the dance floor, and master seamless partner movements, all tailored to enhance your dancing prowess at any skill level


Whether you want to refine specific techniques or work on individual goals, our private lessons cater to your needs. We will give provide informative at-home practice videos, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience that empowers your dance development.

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